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More can be found here. Just give me a message if you want one of those instead, and I'll list it here.
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Outside of her nanomachines, Eve has other skills that she's developed in Torneo's quest to create the ideal bioweapon. She has been trained both as a fighter and a killer. This training as well as her environment has led her to develop an interesting set of skills.

One thing Eve can do is recognize other killers like herself. She is able to instinctively tell when a person has killed a large number of people in their past. For example, when she first meets Train, the ex-assassin who she travels with, Eve says that he carries "the scent of blood." However, he had not killed anyone recently, so this was likely not a literal scent. Instead she was reading this more off his mannerisms. This skill seems to be limited to people who have killed substantial numbers or people, since she did not get the same impression from Sven, who was an ex-policeman.

Noticing that a character has killed does not necessarily mean that Eve will out or distrust them. She might not even mention it. It will, however, make her more likely to identify with the character, since she too has killed a large number of people. The only thing which might lead Eve to tell others about what she has sensed is if she has substantial proof that they are still killing people in Teleios. This can be plotted out or avoided as desired.

Eve is also able to sense killing intent, even when she does not see the one who wants to kill. This seems to be a common skill in her world, as most cops and sweepers are also able to do it. Since any situation were she would use it would be unique, I'll leave this to be worked out via PM on a plot by plot basis.

Here are some permission questions you can fill out regarding these skills.


Jun. 28th, 2014 07:19 pm
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Comments? Critiques?
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Player Info
Name: Meowkitty
Age: 23
Contact: [ profile] MKSakura
Characters Already in Teleios: na
Reserve: Here.

Character Basics:
Character Name: Eve
Journal: [personal profile] playtag
Age: 11
Fandom: Black Cat (manga specifically)
Canon Point: End of chapter 17, after picking up Train and Rinslet
Class A: 31 years of debt
- 30 counts of Murder
- 1 count of Betrayal

Class B: 1 year and 6 months of debt
- 3 counts of Assault

Class C: 3 months of debt
- 1 count of Attempted murder
- 1 count of Escaping Custody
- 1 count of Reckless Endangerment

GRAND TOTAL: 32 years, 9 months

Canon Character Section )


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